Saturday, April 25, 2009

Read the Funny Papers!

Reading the comics - what could be a more relaxing way to spend time with your child? But did you know that it is great for their language development too? The comics have all kinds of ways to teach higher level language. It also increases your child's general knowledge. Just picking up a paper today I found:

-a "word retrieval" error based on sounds of our language (gargling/gurgling)
-idioms (ones we really use - not the old-fashioned ones seen in a lot of teacher manuals)
-current general knowledge (about twitter)
-a character with learning struggles (can't memorize something)
-body language (someone who didn't turn around and see who was behind her)
-new words in our language ("green technology")
-double meanings

You get all this when you read the comics - and you get to laugh, too!