Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who Can Spell Hoax?

How often do you get a pamphlet, advertisement , or junk mail and see a glaring spelling error in it? It seems as if we are becoming a nation of poor spellers.

The good news is: your knowledge of correct spelling and grammar can help protect you from identify theft. Many of the fraudulent requests for bank account numbers and personal information have an overabundance of spelling and grammatical errors. These criminals may have learned the internet, but they need to brush up on their spelling skills.

Now a new type of error is cropping up. I've noticed that in edited publications, there are "spell check" errors - spelling errors that are real words, so they are not picked up on spell check. Understandable in a personal document - but I would think newspapers and magazines would be more careful in their editing.

Hmmm....these frauds asking for your personal info - how is it they've learned to use the internet so skillfully they steal identities....but haven't mastered spell check?

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